Daniele Pario Perra is the author of the book “Low Cost Design”, an analysis ranging from design to the sociology of the territory about the change in the use of objects and places through the actions of the inhabitants. The book is the result of an eight years research and more than 7.000 photos.
The project was carried out between Northern Europe and the Southern Mediterranean. The book is based on the principle: “the best project is not necessarily the one that is patented, that is created by architectural firms or at the computer by leading companies, but rather the one that springs from the simplicity of daily life”.


The author documented thousand of examples of spontaneous creativity, they stimulate reflection on the recovery and re-use of materials. The book is a visual dictionary, a constant balance between poetic skill and technological skill. It presents spontaneous creations, some of them really amazing, from authors that we will never know, they want to share their ideas hoping that they will be useful for someone else. The ideas are calssified in five different design levels for objects and six categories for actions.
This is the first volume of a trilogy. Low Cost Design is a work in progress, for contribution and suggestion write to staff@lowcostdesign.org