What if a book didn’t just talk about saving the world – but actually did it?
End Malaria: purchasing this benevolent tome literally enables you to rescue people from a tragic fate.

The book features essays, tips and insights on great work by 62 writers, visionaries and thinkers including Michael Bungay Stanier, Sir Ken Robinson, Jessica Hagy, Scott Belsky, Gary Vaynerchuk, David Allen, and more.
It is divided into three sections: Focus, Courage and Resilience, in which luminaries inspire you to seek answers to everyday dilemmas from within, motivating you to bring your desires to fruition, the compilation will change your life as well.

This book smart campaign was planned to give unprecedented ‘net’ profits, with $20 out of every $25 book sale (100% of the Kindle price and 80% of the hardcover price) going to Malaria No More to buy mosquito nets for a family in need to support their fight against malaria. The Malaria No More mission it is to end malaria deaths in Africa by the year 2015.

Such a large donation is possible because of the innovative business model of the publisher.  The Domino Project,  is the publisher of this book (powered by Amazon and created by Seth Godin). What makes them unique is the way they “do books”. Therefore, End Malaria is only available online, it makes things all the more easy–just one click away!

Ps: In the time it took you to read this post, a child was killed by malaria.

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