Asumaison, a different way to shop and socialise in the city

Asuman is a Milan based stylist and artisan. A year ago, she started Asumaison, a different way of shopping and socialising. The philosophy of Asumaison is based on alternative models of shopping, a kind of reaction against the industrial scale shopping. Asuman designs, creates and selects handmade and high quality clothing and accessories.

At Asumaison, Every product is unique, it has a story to tell about its maker, the inspiration behind the design, the place where it was made, the material and technique used… This alternative model of shopping takes place during thematic events, such as “Apple Heart”, “Peppermint Sales”, “All Go to the Sea”, or “The Enchanted Forest”. While shopping people can relax, meet other people, drink some tea or wine, taste delicious cakes and have fun.

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