Design Commons, a travelling platform to improve cities

Design Commons is a new Design event started in September 14th during Helsinki Design Week. It will address quality of life in cities. Design Commons will travel from country to country following the global Design Week events. Activists, thinkers, makers, and stakeholders gather to share their experiences, ideas and challenges about how to improve the quality of life in cities.

The discussions will focus on the knowledge of the collective to individuate solutions and foster a common ground for a better quality of life in cities. The presenters of the first edition were from different backgrounds. Film makers such as Studio Wine that explores themes of regional identity and the future of resources. Designers and urban planners such as Remix. Tiffany-Chu the founder of Remix created the first web-based platform for cities to visualise their transit network and make data-driven decisions about planning. The list of presenters is on the platform website:

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