Crafting Plastics Studio

Bioplastic by Crafting Plastics Studio
Material made out of 100% raw renewable resources, polymerized from cornstarch and metabolized by microorganisms from used cooking oil.

Crafting Plastics! Yes, product designer Vlasta Kubušová and production designer Miroslav Král are literally crafting plastics. They do research in materials and design. Vlasta and Miroslav are exploring innovative and sustainable ways of developing bioplastic products.

Their research started as a consequence of the problems created by the petrolium-based conventional plastics, and by current production and overconsumption. They propose the biodegradability of materials as a solution: “What if fast production can be ecological and social? What if you can use your product after usage to fertilize plants?”.

Methods and Experiments

The studio combines basic crafts + high-tech machineries, and slow + fast production methods. Their experiments focus on bioplastics derived from plants. This material is developed in collaboration with scientists from the University of Technology in Bratislava and Berlin.

Design Collections

They offer design concepts and prototypes using the 100% oil free and compostable bioplastic. Recently, the studio designed and developed a 3D printed eyewear collection, and handmade lighting objects.

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