Thailand’s Slow Hand Design at Milan Design Week 2011

One of the interesting things I saw in Zona Tortona during Milan Design Week 2011 was the exhibition Slow Hand Design: The heart value of Thai products.

Thailand is considered one of the most experienced countries in the export industry in Southern Asia, due to its advanced infrastructure for producing consumer products. Thailand was once called “Siam” and was the epicentre for Southern Asia trade, exporting products like ceramics, potteries and spices. Many archeological artifacts found in the region have been proving the use of innovative and creative production techniques, and the transfer of craft knowledge and skills from generation to generation.

The exhibition clearly reflects the value of Thai products that still retain the craft knowledge and skills inherited through many generations; that shows the paths of transformation of Thai’s design due to the influences of different cultures; and that communicates the Thai design spirit infused into various forms, textures, technologies and expressions.



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