Expo Milano 2015: Digital Tools

Expo Milano 2015 Digital Tools

For those who can not visit Expo Milano 2015, and those who want to prepare their visit to the 1,1 million square meters exhibition site, the following digital tools will be of a big help:

> The official web platform http://www.expo2015.org/en it could be a starting point to understand what are Universal Expos, what is the main topic of Expo Milano 2015, who are the participants, the parallel projects and events, useful information, etc.

> The Virtual Tour Platform http://virtual.expo2015.org/ is a 3D map where real videos and images could be seen in augmented reality. Active points, icons, and much more are available to guide the virtual visitor.

> Expo Milano 2015 Official App it offers a 2D map of the exhibition site, a minute by minute events list, thematic itineraries, social networks, the Expogram tool to visualize the itinerary or program of each visit and related suggestions and useful contents, and a list of Apps.

> ExpoNet Magazine App is the in-depth coverage of the Expo. Could be explored by topic, such as lifestyle, culture, sustainability, etc., or by contents such as articles, interviews, photos and videos.

The Expo Milano 2015 Applications are available on Google play and the App Store for free download.

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