best of made in

the best of made in is a research project that objective is to individuate the factors that:
(1) enhance the value of high quality handmade products, and
(2) empower local artisans, independent designers and micro/small enterprises from different countries.
The project is about the HOME and FASHION craft sectors.
The research project focused on:
– how to perceive the qualities of a local handmade product;
– how to communicate these qualities to global consumers;
– how to evaluate products’ specific aspects related to their authenticity and sustainability; and
– what are the best strategies for supporting local-global interactions, and stimulating local growth.
Case studies of web platforms were discussed to address these issues and to highlight the designer mediation role in developing business strategies, interfaces and tools to support local artisans, independent designers and micro/small enterprises.
A product assessment matrix was developed as a guideline for the evaluation of the characteristics and the social, economic and environmental impacts of local handmade products.
THE RESEARCH RESULTS WERE PUBLISHED ON: The Strategic Design Research Journal.

The suggested future project is the development of a web platform to offer artisans, independent designers and micro/small enterprises several services to improve their products and access new markets.
We developed a sample of the web platform:
network of people shared their passion, values and hard work for the development of this project.
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