BEER BOTTLES nei luoghi pubblici

BEER BOTTLES nei luoghi pubblici is a design research project, and an International Design Competition investigating social and environmental degradations in public spaces due to the problem of glass bottles being left and broken during public events. It is a common problem of many Italian and European cities. The international design competition is started by Co-Creando’s Sustainable Ideas Lab and O2 Italia to collect creative solutions for the problem. It focuses on the Colonne di San Lorenzo area in Milan, and is developed with the support of the Comune di Milano, Assessorato Mobilità, Trasporti, Ambiente, and the patronage of Legambiente. All projects submitted will be subject to further analysis. The most plausible solutions will be exhibited during Milan Design Week 2009 (Il Fuori Salone).
International Design Competition: 
Accept the challenge and show us: How can empty glass bottles left in public meeting areas create design opportunity? How can design be a tool for tackling social and environmental degradation in public areas? Develop a scenario and design the related product(s) and/or service(s) considering the stakeholders representative of the various phases in the product’s life cycle as part of the solution (these include: groups of consumers, bars, pubs, local beverage traders, street beverage traders, area residents, and AMSA, the company that manages urban waste collection and disposal in Milan). Participation is open to students and professionals from every country in the world. Free registration is required.
Deadline for registration: 15 December 2008
Deadline for entry submission: 15 December 2008
Publication of results: 31 January 2009
Exhibition 22-27 April 2009 – Milan Design Week 2009
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